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Why did we choose a Robeta campervan?

A lot of people ask us about our van, where we bought it, what kind of brand it is, how does it perform and so on. So let's sort out the facts! :-)

Our van is a custom made camper van from Robeta Mobil in Slovenia, sold to us by Varbergs Husbilar in Sweden. It's a modified version from Robeta's model named Helios, Arctic Edition.

We needed a camper van for our adventure that didn't really exist on the market: a 4x4 family camper van! Normally, the 4x4 vans are way to adventurous for us, with big ass tires, snorkels, low and high differential lock etc. We are not planing to cross Africa, we mostly do lighter off-road driving, so a more basic 4x4 vehicle was what we were looking for. Also, most of the 4x4 camper vans are based on Mercedes Sprinters, which are a bit too expensive for us...

Very well, with that said, the family models on the market were too focused on being just that: family orientated. We obviously needed to meet some of our "family needs" but for that sake, we didn't want to renounce the adventurous touch we wanted. We didn't want a long, clumsy or to big van, we had to sacrifice spaciousness for accessibility.

After a lot of searching we finally found (by coincidence to be honest) Robeta Mobil in Slovenia who could deliver a family camper van with four-wheel drive! Stoked!

Mixing high quality material and functions, with optimized space and storage room, we felt that we could actually live as a family in their camper van without stepping on each others toes.

After established contact with Varbergs Husbilar, who are their Swedish dealers, we signed a contract making us proud ambassadors for them and Robeta Mobil. Now we had done so proper testing of our camper van and we are most satisfied. We're looking forward to do our second year on the road with it.

Robeta camper vans are hand build in Slovenia, don't miss out, go on and have a look at their webpage. Don't hesitate to contact them for more info.

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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