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What a weekend! :-D

Even though we love van life, there's always a time and place for a classic camping trip with tents. This time we explored the lakes, located 45 minutes inland from Gothenburg, in a canoe.

Canoeing is indeed an underestimated way of exploring and enjoying the nature. It is also a simple way of doing it if you have small kids and/or don't wanna hike 10km with lots of gear, just load everything in the canoe (the "Swedish standard canoe" loads as much as 400-500kg!!!), so there's really no need to hold back. Normally we drive the car all the way to the water and load it up, BUT this time we were sent out on a quite little bigger adventure before we reached the water...

We met up with good friends Linda with family (mum, dad, two kids and dog) and Ola with family (mum, dad and their 11 months old kid) at Sjölyckan located near the old Näs factories on the way to Allingsås. We were told it was just a 750 meters walk with the canoes (on wheels) before we reached our planned water route, BUT the truth was an other story! It was really 1,6 km to walk UPHILL! No worries really but we would have preferred to know this in advance. Luckily the kids was super happy anyway (sitting in the canoes while we pushed all the way up, up, up) and our two old dogs did a great job walking the distance in the summer heat.


Once at the start, we had a quick lunch before we launched the canoes into the first lake; Torskabotten and started our trip. This lake is a totally recommendation if you're new at canoeing or just wanna have a chill paddle with the kids. It was a calm, warm and not to big lake, you can paddle across it in about an hour or you can paddle around into all the small bays and/or camp on one of the small islands.

At the end of the lake we had a bit trouble finding where we actually were ment to lift up the canoes and walk across to the next lake, but after a while we managed to figure it out. Since the canoe rental company told us that this walk were "only" 150 meters, we already (after our "750 meter walk") suspected that it was further than that and we were right. It was about 800 meters to walk until we reached the next lake; Ömmern!

We started close to Tollered and walked to right at the map, to the small lake called Torskabotten before we crossed over to the bigger lake Ömmern.

In Ömmern the wind were picking up and we decided to take the first good camping spot on the nearest island we could find. And what a spot we found! :-D It was perfect, a little lagoon like beach with enough room for canoes, tents and a campfire in the middle. And of course we had evening sun with a classic Swedish summer style sunset.

After a lovely evening with vegan sausages (from our side of the campfire), a magic sunset and a decent sleep and the tent, we woke up early to catch the sunrise too. Not many hours sleep that night, but totally worth it!

Breakfast and coffee always tastes best when enjoyed in the nature, this time were no different. When taking down the tents, our two year old daughter Noa was protesting, screaming and fighting, she simply didn't wanna stop camping! This was/is of course most appreciated by mum and dad! ;-) We do hope our lust for exploring and enjoying the nature infects our kids so they, when growing up, always wanna go on camping trips!

The next day we paddled the same route back again, stoping in the Torskabotten lake, having a swim and second breakfast before we reached the end ot the canoe trip for this time. We aim for doing some more canoe trips this summer, before out van arrives, so until next time, hope you enjoy our blog and that it inspires you to go exploring with your kids! (our dogs)...

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