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We love Sundays!

If it's good weather, a good Sunday for us is packed with activity! Like last Sunday when we managed to squeeze in a morning hike, afternoon skateboard and evening mountain biking. Our best tips to make it happen:

1. Plan ahead

Don't underestimate the power of planing one day ahead. Check the weather and look at different options.

2. Wake up early!

If you have small kid(s) like us, this won't be a problem cause they always wake up early! Even if the went to bed 2 hours later than normal, they wake up the same time anyway (Noa does at least...)

3. Think local

What can you do that is close by? Forget climbing the biggest mountain, that takes the whole day, focus on small adventures right around the corner AND adventures your small ones also can enjoy.

4. Pack your bags!

Even though our family Sunday where happening round our home, reaching everything by bus and/or bike, we needed to pack for the whole day with different activities. It's not as exhausting as it may sound and don't take all the time in the world.

5. Make the most out of it

Okey, sometimes it doesn't go as planed but so what? Hopefully something was fun during your family Sunday. In our case, the skateboard session was pulled through with a bit resistance but in the end everyone were laughing their heads off!

Sooooo, we started our Sunday with a short bus trip (10 minutes) to bus stop "Annedals kyrkan" and from there it's just a quick walk into the wood anemone valley (Vitsippedalen), behind Sahlgrenska sjukhuset and just before the botanical gardens of Gothenburg. Now years it's just amazing there! The valley is covered in flowers of different colors, the leaves are so close to spring out and the valley is splitt by a small creek where kids can play. Totally worth a visit all year round!

After a lunch there, Noa went to sleep for two hours when we took the bus home, got changed, took our skateboards and biked down to Slottskogen for some afternoon skate. For the people in Gothenburg, the Slottskogen forest/park is a sanctuary in the outskirts of the city.

Noa was totally happy when we biked home, had dinner before she went to sleep and daddy André hit the trails of Rudalen on his Giant Trance. Below is a short clip (not much time to act both camera man and MTB rider with out sacrificing the fun in biking):

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