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We are leaving! :-D

Can't really comprehend, but the reality is that in 3 days we're starting our gigantic road trip we have been planing and saving for the last five years. Unreal!

At the moment we are packing down the stuff we need for our winter season in Åre, as well as some stuff that we're saving for the future but to be honest, we're getting rid of SO MUCH possessions! The things we need fit in half of our basement storage while away, the rest goes to recycling or are sold for cheap money.

It's funny how much stuff we don't really need and once you accept the purge, it goes faster and faster to clear even more things. And once you accept that we strictly only save important things, it feels goooooooood when you throw away the rest! Should also mention that we have moved around ALOT the last years, so we have cleared out things constantly over time but even then, we mange to save and gear up with more stuff. Unbelievable.

We will continue to clear our apartment, getting it ready for new guests and at the same time we're packing the most important stuff into our van, getting us/it ready for lots, lots and lots of adventure. Hope you all wanna follow our journey that will start 19th of July (in 3 days!!!).

This is our route at the moment (subject to change):

First week - Norrköping, Sweden for orientation competition and family activities

First and second week - driving down the east coast of Sweden, stoping randomly

Second week - visiting south of Sweden and Denmark before we take the night ferry to Oslo, Norway

Second and third week - crossing the mountains in Norway, then spending at least a week in daddy Andrés "hometown" Stavanger

Third and fourth week - catch the ferry to Denmark and drive down the west coast

Then we will continue our journey down south through Germany, France, maybe head over to Cornwall (UK) before we escape the north European autumn spending quality time along the french coast :-)

In november we will head towards Sweden again, repack our van and hopefully spend the winter in Åre if we have manage to find somewhere to stay.

Next spring 2020, we repack our van again, heading south down i Europe again, but driving a bit east this time and visit a different part of Europe, but we will get back to you about that when it's time :-)

Until then, we would be honored if you care to follow our blog/vlog and social media. Our name is of course Happy Family in a Van. Hope you'll stay tuned!

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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