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Our "Phase 2" is coming to an end, but not until a couple of weeks or so. Our original plan was to start the third and last phase round the 19th-20th of April, which meant commencing our 1-year long road trip with a drive thru in Norway but as you all may know, the current situation dosen't allow us to cross any borders.

We, as all the rest of you, have to adapt to the world situation and therefore we changed our original plans. We will hang out in Åre until end of April since we're not in a hurry to drive south in Europe anymore. First we'll head down towards Gothenburg to switch tires and gear. Time to get rid of skis and snowboards and change to skateboards and surfboards instead.

After that we'll take the opportunity to say hi to friends and family while down south, before we'll start road tripping in Sweden until the borders are open again. Experts say that the Swedes have to be prepared to vacation locally this summer so that's what we're doing. If any new recommendations suddenly applies, we'll adapt to them then, cause it seems impossible to plan long ahead at the moment.

Luckily us, we don't have to. We're in a position that allows us to be most flexible which is great and such a luxury!

Enough said about the current situation, hope you all want to know what we have been up to the last month ;-) As you may suspect, the last month have consisted of lots and lots of skiing and snowboarding. Due the corona virus, the ski lifts closed 5th of April, a month earlier then scheduled, so we tried to make the most out of our last days with lift-based skiing. And what a last weekend it was! Fresh new snow and sunny conditions made us spend long days at the mountain :-D Super stoked and impressed that our kids have the energy to ski from 9.00 to the lifts closes at 16.30.

Since the lifts closed, we have tried to hike up and ski down as much as our legs have coped. Again, super impressed with the kids effort! So cool that the kids find hiking up and ski down fun enough to do it!

Today we had a bonus ski day, cause Edsåsdalen 20 minutes from Åre) is still open so we drove there for the day and tried out the slopes. It was mixed feelings. Noa was stoked at the beginning but got bored pretty quick. Glad we found some tracks in the forests to finish of the day, cause that is always what Noa enjoys the most. Who can blame her?

Other than that, we hang around, doing different daily excursions and next week we're planing on building a little kids snow park in the closed slope outside our house. That will hopefully be fun, stay tuned at Instagram and Facebook!

That's it for now, hope you all have 10 minutes over to enjoy our monthly VLOG compilation:

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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