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Hello, it's us again, sorry if this month VLOG compilation took a bit longer than usual (normally we post our monthly compilations around the 20th each month), we have been a bit lazy lately...

At the moment our future travel plans are a bit uncertain. As you all know, the Covid-19 or Corona virus, is spreading across Europe and the world, forcing countries to take actions and close borders. We feel pretty safe and are lucky to be far up north in Sweden were the virus hasn't take over completely (yet). But as you can understand, we have no idea how the virus and situation will effect our road trip...

We do apologize if it seems a bit selfish and un-important do talk about our ongoing road trip when people round the world actually pass away from this horrible virus, our thoughts of course go out to all of them and their families. Our travel plans are in no way more important than fighting the damn virus and that people in the risk zone are keeping safe and surviving this unreal reality.

But since our blog/vlog is about our planed travels, that's what we are going to focus on in this text so let's get back to business.

Our original plan is to stay in Åre until end of April. After that we plan to drive through Norway and work our way south, all the way down to Slovenia where we will attend an international dealer meeting with Robeta Mobil. That's the company who built our van. But right now, we can probably forget about Norway, they have locked down the whole country and most likely, they will continue their lockdown much longer that until end of April. Also, a gathering in Slovenia in end of May, doesn't seem like a reality.

Even though, we try to stay optimistic and hope that things will change in a month and we can continue our travels but if not, we have to make new plans and reconsider our route and what we will do. That's something we will know when we post our next VLOG next month.

Until then, we're trying to enjoy our time here in the Swedish mountains and hope you do enjoy last month's VLOG compilation. Off course, month eight contains lots of skiing and snowboarding (and a bit of noboarding too), cause that's just what we do most of the time ;-)

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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