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VLOG MONTH 15 - the end (or a fresh start)

Unreal, 1 year and 3 months ago we left our apartment i Gothenburg and have pretty much been on the move since then. 455 days on the road. With two small kids. And the first four months - with two pets as well. So much have happened since then, we have been on so many adventures, spent enormous of time as a family, our kids have grown so much and we also, unfortunately, lost both our pets :-( Unexpectedly and tragic. So our travels have been a total mix of happiness and sorrowful times. Not to mention the whole Corona situation...

We have made a decisive decision: our 2-year road trip have come to an end, 7 months earlier than planed.

We out-waited the first Covid-19 "wave" that hit Europe in spring, but considering that the pandemic is once again spreading through out Europe we have decided to end our travels. We have two small kids that we always have to put first and we feel that we can't take any risks if the situation gets worse again during the winter.

BUT nothing bad that doesn't bring any good with it, as we say in Sweden :-) It's time to reveal or future plans, which will involve lots of adventure and vanlife:


After spending 5 months up north last winter, we have come to the conclusion how to continue vanlife and adventure even when the kids start school. In november we are moving permanently to Åre Ski resort, where we spent last winter and really enjoyed life! Both Ida and André have managed to score new jobs up there and we now also bought a small apartment! 

The good thing about living up there is that we have the mountains just outside the door, everyday adventure is sooooo close! We can ski, snowboard, hike, climb, river SUP, kayak and MTB as often as we want (or can) when we now go back to work and daycare.

Another good thing about living in Åre, it that there is lots of seasonal jobs, which means we hopefully can go travel with our campervan every summer when the kids are free from school. In Sweden, the kids have more than 2 months of summer holiday so we can easily drive to Portugal and surf the whole summer (or Norway).

So if everything works out the way we hope, we will ski and snowboard in the winter, and surf in the summer, the best of two worlds! Also gonna go on fun weekend trips in northern Sweden and Norway, the nature and adventure up there is a blast!

Having Åre as a base for future travels, feels just right. We think that this will be our best future option in order to continue maximize vanlife even when the kids start school, cause now when we have got the taste for it, we don't wanna stop vanliving! Also;


Yes, you heard right, we are selling our beloving campervan in order to buy a different kind in a year or two. First, we have to land in our move-to-Åre-plan and start to explore our mountain backyard. Then, it's time to update our rolling house. We haven't decided yet, what or which our next vehicle exactly will be, but we have plans ;-) After being on the road for 15 months, you kind of get the hang of what you want and need.

We will probably continue our blog and vlog, but maybe a bit more seldom the upcoming year. Maybe change name to "Happy Family in the mountains" when we have sold our van and before we have bought our next one ;-)

Until we figure that out, thanks for following us on our, still big, adventure and hope you enjoy our last VLOG compilation for this journey (a bit longer than normal):

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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