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VLOG MONTH 14 - traveling through corona infested Europe

Since our last VLOG compilation, we have traveled from France, through Spain, to Portugal. It feels a bit unreal (and sometimes a bit too uncertain) to travel through corona infested Europe. Just to make it clear, we won't put us, or definitely not our kids, at any risk. So far it has felt okey, but we have now decided to not go through with our original plan and travel round the Mediterranean sea during the winter. In our next VLOG compilation in October, we will reveal our new plans ;-)

But lets focus on present life for the moment. We ar now in Ericeira, Portugal, which will be as far south we go this time. We have had problems with our van the last couple of months and it doesn't look like it has stoped yet. Now we are waiting for a new part since our steering is malfunctioning. €900 it will cost this time. Sigh....

Other than that, we love Ericeira! It's here we started to plan this trip back in 2014. Before we had kids, we were sitting in the exactly same camping we now are at, thinking: "Hmmmm, when we have two kids (if everything goes well), we will try to hit the road for at least 1 year, maybe 2 years if we can". It has now been 1 year and 2 months since we left Gothenburg and we were aiming for 2 years on the road, but like previously said, we feel satisfied after 1 more month.

It's been a okey so far with the whole corona situation but sometimes we have turned around when it's been to crowded or to cramped. We want to stay as isolated as we can and avoid crowds. Traveling in a campervan is actually a pretty good option when you want to stay a bit isolated but still being able to travel. We are mostly by oursleves and the shallow meeting we have with others, always takes place outdoors, keeping a social distance for everyone. The only time we have to be indoors, is when we do our grocery shopping. But then we can chose to only enter when it's less people or only one of us goes in.

But as said, we mostly stay outdoors, doing the things we live to do: surfing, SUPing, hiking, skateboarding and having fun. As you hopefully already have seen in our monthly VLOG compilation. If not, sit back and enjoy! :-)

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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