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One year since we left Gothenburg today! Wow! Not to brag, but that is pretty amazing! Not only the whole one-year-on-the-road thing itself, but also considering we chose the worst thinkable year to go traveling:

2020 - the year everyone will remember as the Covid-19 outbreak! Gaaaaaahhh! Talk about bad timing!

We have said it before, and we know, our travel plans are the least important in the current situation, but honestly, this suck! Now it's been three months since we left Åre and we have mostly been hanging around, waiting for Europe to open and the damn virus to calm down! Grrrrrr...

The whole situation have made us a bit more edgy, Ida and André have interspersed between optimism to negativism for the future. Will we ba able to drive down south and continue our planed route or do we soon have to aboard? The question eludes us.

By now, our original plans were to be somewhere in northern Spain but instead we are still stuck in Sweden. We honestly thought the damn virus would have given up by now and had let the world go of its' grip, but no. We are considering new plans as we speak but we leave that unsaid until we know more and have decided.

How does our vanlife feel after one year then?

Well, to be honest, some days good and some days worse. It's not always fun being on the road when you have two small kids. There are days when we get second thoughts about our journey. We think that it also has to do with the situation though. If we only would have been where we were suppose to be by now, we believe it would have been easier. But who knows?

We have also discovered that kinder garden (or school) is more important for our 4-year old daughter than we maybe were aware of. Not only because of the learning bit, but also cause of the social aspect of it. Our daughter is longing for daily routine, friends and time on her own, without her parents. Don't get us wrong, she loves being on the road, doing adventurous stuff with her parents, but she wan't the other bit too. So a combo of both would be good ;-)

Back to above question. Let's sum it up! We are Happy Family in a Van most days, but once in a while, we are not so happy. Living so closely 24 hours a day, takes a lot of patience and effort. It things don't go your way, it's harder to possess those abilities. But we do believe that is the same when you live in your house or apartment. Life with small kids is not always a walk in the park....

BUT, and this is a big but, our vanlife with our two kids is totally worth the effort! We still love it and we sill try to do as many fun things as we can with them. Our goal and mission for the road trip still stands: we want to spend as much time with our kids as possible. Certainly before it's to late and they don't wanna hang out with their hippie parents in a van ;-)

Back to where we started: Let's give ourself a big shout out for a one-year-on-the-road-celebration: wohoooooooo! Thumbs up! And sit back and enjoy our VLOG of month twelve on the road :-)

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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