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What a well used word that have become the last couple of months. When using the hashtag at Instagram, you only have to write the first three letters "soc..." and it pops up! 8.7 million posts! The corona crises certainly have given "social distancing" a new meaning. Even if we haven't used that word ever before, social distancing is exactly what we most of the time have been up to since we left Gothenburg in July last year. Isolated in our camper van, often far away from anyone else, not working and just spending time with our kids. Alright, lets get back on track, that was just a spin off and had nothing really to do with this month's opening:

Finally we pulled our thumbs out and edited the tenth month's VLOG compilation. It took a lot of effort cause we haven't really done much the last month (or at least it feels that way, when watching the compilation we realized that we been busier than we thought).

We spent our last days in Åre, trying to suck out the last of the snow, before we left 30th of April and was greeted by spring when heading south :-) That felt just amazing! We stoped by Finspång's castle were we spent the night cause last year we won a sleep over with breakfast there. That was such a luxury! So worth it. After Finspång we headed towards Gothenburg, visited cousins, changed gears from our storage room and we were just about to drive to Orust to visit grandma and grandpa in their summer house when Odd started to get the forbidden symptoms: cough, sour throat, fever and a runny nose. Not much to do, we had to isolate us from everyone and headed towards empty beaches in Bohuslän.

But Odd got worse and we had to visit a health center, cause his breathing was effected. He had otitis and bronchitis so he had to be on antibiotics for a week. They couldn't rule out Covid-19 either so better be careful and show our respect to fellows. Shortly after André started to cough, had a sour throat and a runny nose so we expected something was in the act. Luckily grandma and grandpa left their summer house so we headed straight there to hang out until we got better, which was a good call, cause next day Noa also woke up with the same symtoms.

We hanged out in their empty summer house for 10 days, don't know if if was a corona virus or not but we all felt better and when we were symtom free for 2 days we headed south. Social distancing and taking our responsibility.

Later we landed in Halmstad for a couple of days, visited Ida's parents and André's sister with family and managed to squeeze in the first little SUP adventure for this season, both on a quiet lake and in small rapids with the cousins :-) After Halland we drove to Skåne and Ängelholm to visit André's parents as well.

That's where we are at the moment, on Friday it is funeral for André's old grandma who passed away when we where isolated at Orust. Next week we will drive to Gothenburg and then probably head south again.

Because we can't really go somewhere at the moment, we will probably hang out along the west coast until new recommendations will come in June. Then we'll know more what to do. Hope you all are keeping safe out there, wish you all well and lets cross our fingers that the summer heat will beat the damn Covid-19 virus!

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