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TRETORN Eco Essentials Initiative

During the autumn we have been lucky enough to score a deal with Swedish iconic clothing company Tretorn, who now will provide us with highly functional rain clothes and boots for the whole family. With their Eco Essentials concept, they are focusing on using waste material when creating new products, e.g. their Rain Jacket from the Sea is made out of old discarded fishing nets and for ocean and nature lovers as our selves, we see their initiative as a big important step forward.

"In 2016 we started the project Ghost Net Collection together with the Swedish retailer Naturkompaniet. The project was sprung out of the fact that approximately 650,000 tons of fishing nets are left as debris on the bottoms of our oceans.

Fishing nets are made from the world’s best synthetic materials, which decay slowly, and driven by wind and currents, can drift for years. Many of the fishing nets end up caught on a reef wiping out complete ecosystems while swaying in the current. Ghost nets are among the greatest killers in our oceans." says Tretorn at their web page which were one ot the reasons we contacted them from the beginning.

Born out of Scandinavian weather, Tretorn has made a mark on many places on earth. Our products have been used at tennis courts, rainy streets in the city and in hazy desolated forests. Over the past 125 years, we’ve found new ways to develop new but sustainable products with a love of nature.

Mum and dad have, during the autumn, been using their padded Rain Jacket from the Sea and are with out fail in love with them (if one can be in love with a jacket...). They truly serve as a functional jacket out in the nature but also works as a "city style jacket". We will highly recommend their Rain Jacket from the Sea, a jacket truly for surfers and water men/women. Check out the video:

When it comes to Noa (and unborn Odd), the range of jackets, pants and boots are huge, you can find everything a small children family needs to keep the kids dry and happy! We picked out jackets, pants and boots from the "Gränna collection" for Noa and pictures will come during spring when she has grown into her next size ;-) You can find all of their kids products here

Back to Tretorn's Eco Essentials Initiative: "We are at a stage today where everyone together must change how we consume nature's resources and find more innovative and sustainable methods. At Tretorn, sustainable innovation is more than the products we manufacture - it is just as much about how we do it and what choices we make on the way. Our mission is to inspire other companies to have a more sustainable approach and strive to create a more circular process in consumption and manufacturing. We are inspired by nature's own ecosystem and believe in a process where nothing is left to chance, or wasted. We believe that the products we carry should last a long time, be reused and in the long term and recycled. Therefore, we have also found new ways of looking at - and used - waste material. For us, it is an opportunity and a resource to take advantage of in order to gather and develop a circular process where waste as a factor becomes smaller and smaller. Our goal is that 50% of Tretorn's rainwear should be labeled Eco Essentials by 2020." Read more here

If you wanna learn more about Tretorn and what they are doing, check out their journal

We look forward to a continued future cooperation with Tretorn and are stoked that they decided to help us out on our life on the road, starting (if all goes well) next year.

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