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Third month VLOG

Three months just flew by! Such a luxury to be on the road for so long that three months feel like nothing. Normally we would be at the end of our journey after two – three months but we’re just getting started.

Since last time we posted anything, we have continued the French coast down south, all the way down towards the Spanish border and the Biarritz area. That’s where we are sitting right now, inside our van, the rain is pouring down outside and it’s 13°C.

So we’ll hang around here a couple of days, try to score some more waves before we drive inland, following the foot of the Pyrenees mountains for two/three days. After that, we’ll start the long journey home to Sweden, it’s time to get ready for a winter season in Åre ski resort!

The road towards Sweden will probably go pretty quick, but we'll of course continue our travel log all the way up to northern Sweden. So next time when we'll post our fourth month VLOG, we're gonna be fit for fight for skiing and snowboarding! :-)

But until then, hope you have time and energy to sit down for 10 minutes and check out what we have been up to the last month:

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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