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The OCR season continue

The OCR season so far has been great for André with a fifth place in Peak Challenge by Military Fitness and a second place at Extreme Run. Both competitions where 5 km sprint with 50-80 obstacles, a distance that seem to suit André just perfect.

First out was Peak Challenge in Slottskogen, Gothenburg. Felt good to just cruise the bike down the hill 5 minutes before start (we live so close by). The comp was probably the most challenging so far, running up and down three small peaks, with 80 (!) obstacles along the 5 km course.

André did a really good run but the competition was just to good for a podium place this time. Happy with a fifth place, even though he would have been on a third place if he would had chosen the number one class with professional runners (!). Strange.

The next comp out was Extreme Run at an old abandoned ski resort down south close to André's home town with a long long run uphill before it went straight down again, a really fun course with about 50 obstacles. Always a little bummed coming in as second but it's really hard when everybody doesn't start at the same time. That's definitely a downer when it comes to heats, you can just be sure to beat the guys in your own heat....

Overall, a great continuation on the OCR comp season, hope to keep up the pace!

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