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The beautiful archipelago of Gothenburg

Take the tram to Långedrag and Saltholmen, hop on the next ferry that leaves from the harbor and randomly choose where to jump of!

Never underestimate the spontaneity of fast, unplanned and short adventures, you'll never know where you'll end up. I can't even describe how exited Noa was on the boat ride, we must take the ferry more times when it gets a bit warmer again, cause man, she was on fire! Couldn't film her cause the battery died but we can tell you, she was entertaining the whole ship :-D But she was also just enjoying the view and relaxing when looking out over the ocean.

Feels good for our water loving family that Noa also seems to love the water, we (as all parents) have big hopes for her in the future surfing, bodysurfing, diving, canoeing, sailing and just playing in the water. Or she'll end up as ballet dancer and soccer player, and you know what? That will be awesome too! As long as she does what she wanna do.

After a hike in the Styrsö island, we sat down in the early winter sun and enjoyed vegan Swedish caviar on our sandwiches, which was better than expected! Noa was not totally convinced but hey, she's only one years old, how many kids like the strange taste of Swedish caviar when they are one?

We'll leave the beautiful archipelago of Gothenburg for a couple of months now, returning when it gets warmer again and we can sit on the rocks enjoying an outdoor coffee in the sun :-)

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