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SUPing the lakes of Ulricehamn and visiting the world of Astrid Lindgren

We're getting closer to our take off later this summer and at the moment we are weekend warriors, trying and testing our van life, thinking of updates to do on our set up in the van. So we took a three day road trip over the weekend, first stop: Astrid Lindgrens Värld! (The world of Astrid Lindgren):

For you who have zero clue, Astrid Lindgren wrote lots of kid's books like Pippi Longstocking, the brothers Lionheart etc. And in case you haven't noticed it, our daughter Noa Marley resembles Pippi Longstocking ;-) Red hair, mischievous, lots of energy and full of pranks, so of course she also dressed up as her on our visit.

After two fantastic days in the fairy tale world, where you get to meet all the characters from the different books and see many shows at various stages in the park, we headed homewards with a quick stop at one of the many lakes in the Ulricehamn area.

We took the opportunity to do some stand up paddling on our inflatable SUP-board, it has so many different usage areas, we love the easiness of it! It's also great for balance practice for our kids and getting use to water. Of course, it's also awesome for surfing small waves with the kids and not bother about breaking it ;-) Click on the pictures below for a slideshow.

In a couple of weeks we're taking the ferry to Denmark, hoping to score some surf. Stay tunes and see you then! :-D

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