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Quick stop: Brannö

With rain pounding at our windows this morning, we looked through our options for an outdoor Sunday, fully dressed in rain clothes and rubber boots.

Since all of us been haunted by a horrid cold the last couple of weeks, leaving us without energy do go on mini-adventures, we felt that we just had to get out there! After a quick discussion, the decision was an easy peasy choice: boat ride out in the amazing archipelago!

We were supposed to go out and see/listen to our friend and artist Jonah Lake last Saturday, when he was playing at Brännö, but instead we stayed home with the most annoying fever the whole weekend... So it just felt more than right to go and explore the Brännö island, no one of us had been there before.

The boat ride out in the archipelago is always Noa's favorite :-D She literally LOVES boats! The future with lots of sailing, surfing, swimming, kayaking looks good.

When we got out there the rain was pouring down from an open sky, for real. Luckely we found the nicest, coziest and coolest café in the archipelago of Gothenburg: Brännö Varv B&B, Café and Bar. If you're ever in Gothenburg, a boat ride out to Brännö with a stop at this café, is a must do on your list! Just check out the interior:

This is the place where our friend played last weekend, so bumbed that we missed it! We're definitely gonna make it next time, with our without sickness...

After a nice coffee and vegan-cake(!), it finally cleared up and we had such a nice stroll on Brännö island before we took the boat home again. Can't wait to get out there again! One should never underestimate the power of mini-adventures...

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