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Phase TWO completed!

Updated: May 2, 2020

We have divided our two year road trip into three phases:

Phase ONE | July - November 2019: road tripping light version

Phase TWO | November 2019 - April 2020: winter season in Åre

Phase THREE | April 2020 - July 2021: road tripping Europe

So, now Phase ONE and TWO are completed. After more than five months in Åre, we are today leaving and heading south :-) Even though the Covid-19 virus really have changed everything for everyone, including us and the ski resort, our winter season have been amazing! Minus the fact that both our pets passed away just before Christmas though :-(

What a winter!

If you follow us on Instagram, you have probably been overwhelmed with daily updates of us skiing, cause that it is basically what we have been doing most of the time ;-)

We are so lucky that Noa and Odd loved being at the mountain as much as they did. It could have been the opposite, it is always a bit of a gamble with kids but Noa really, really, really was so happy on her skis. Think that not many other 3-year olds in Åre have had as many days in the slopes as her this winter. Odd also have been fantastic, he has really enjoyed riding in his baby carrier on dad snowboarding but also managed to ride a bit of snowboard of his own. And he is only 1 year old so a big applause for him!

The winter has been pretty bad though, not a lot of snow and it has been raining and snowing alternately since January, so snow wise it hasen't been good. But since we mostly have been focusing on having fun with the kids on the mountain it has been surmountable, there has been enough snow for hitting the slopes. We of course wished for more powder skiing and snowboarding for mum and dad but hey, it still has been our best winter in years!

Combined with the suddenly death of our pets, together with the Covid-19 situation, it's also been a bit of struggle this winter of course. We are a happy family most of the time but we, as everyone else, have our ups and downs. We like to think that we have certainly made the most out of our time in Åre, there is nothing we would have done different (meaning the things we can affect our selves) and it is with a bit of melancholy we now are leaving Åre.

Phase 3 - uncertain route plans

So, now we are entering our third and last phase of our adventure but as we have described in our previous blog posts, we have to make new plans since the borders in Europe still are closed. It looks like we have to road trip in Sweden this summer so that's what we are aiming for. If the situation changes, we will adapt and re-think but we're really hoping to spend the Autumn in Portugal! But it is of course impossible to say anything or make any plans longer then a week at the moment so we are not getting carried away.

But for now, let's load the family and gear in the van and start road tripping :-) First longer stop: Gothenburg in a couple of days. Take care and stay safe out there, we will keep our social distance when continuing our vanlife.

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