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One Sunday hike

While mum was visiting some friends, we took the opportunity to go for a daddy-daughter-dog Sunday hike! As always in Änggårdsbergen, we had a blast and Noa did some hiking on her own.

I just love the fact that the nature in Gothenburg are always so close! Take the bus or tram to the nature should be the city's slogan, cause that it is how easy accessible the outdoor life is round here.

Also really impressed how well Kaya (our dog) have recovered from her close-to-death experience in July, so blessed that everything went well and she's still able to go for longer hikes in the forest or on the mountain. Sure, we can't go for a run with her anymore but for her (and us), just being out in the outback is enough!

After Noa had her afternoon nap, we stoped for some snacks before continuing further out in the small mountain territory of Änggården and the last bit towards the car, Noa did her own fair share of hiking!

Can't wait until she gets bigger and walk on her own with a little backpack on her back :-) We're looking forward to more hiking Sundays, with the rest of the family, as you all know, we LOVE THE OUTDOORS!

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