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The sun is finally a bit warmer!

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Finally! It's been a long winter with lots ot snow, don't get us wrong, it's been just amazing but we're ready for the spring and summer now.

For the first time in month, the sun actually felt a bit warmer and we could see the ground, rocks and mud again. The forest is still covered with lots of is and frozen snow but if it the sun just can show itself in the coming week, it feels like the spring will hurry!

We parked our car down at the industrial area, it such a funny feeling that the forest is just right there behind the ugly industrial buildings! So accessible, so close, so big but yet so hidden behind Sisjön industrial area.

It's also a great feeling for hiking mum and dad, that Noa is getting bigger and wanna walk herself and looking forward to reaching the summit. She actually protested when we tried to convince her we were at the highest peak and wouldn't give in until we climbed the extra 10 meters before reaching the top as you can see at the photo on top.

The peaks are not big and perfect for a little child to climb, reaching the top in about 45 minutes and from there you have a great view over Gothenburg and all the way out to the ocean and archipelago.

Our hungry little monster (and the dog) couldn't wait 45 minutes for a snack stop, so we just had to take a pit stop on the way up. We do love that Noa always is hungry, so far it's not an issue, she needs her calories to grow bigger (taller) and considering her massive restlessness, one can understand she needs to it!

Hope you guys won't get bored of hiking stories, cause we just love the nature! :-)

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