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VLOG MONTH 13 - On the move again!

Finally we are on the road again! After months of road tripping in Sweden and waiting for the whole corona-situation to calm down a bit, we left Sweden the 12th of August and drive south.

It first felt a little bit nervous and we were not sure how we would react to harder restrictions (than Sweden) when we moved down through Europe. The first days we thought much about it but the after a week or so, it felt natural and when we got to southern France, it felt like any other summer month (beside from the face masks).

We had this vision of Europe being a bit empty cause of the corona-situation but definitely not! Have never seen so much people that we did when we arrived in Hossegor a week ago! Boom! Tourists everywhere! From France (obviously) but also lots of Germans, Dutch, Belgians and Spanish (not so strange either, considering Spain is really close).

Last days have been good summer days with lots of beach activities, just how we like it! Unfortunately we had to go to the hospital with Odd, cause he had an ear-infection (again…), just what we suspected. No Covid-19 though, the hospital did a test for that too. Now we are waiting for him to get better before we drive south through Spain and further to Portugal were we are hoping to spend the autumn.

After that we have new plans for the winter, since the corona virus doesn’t seem to calm down, but we’ll get back to that later!

At the moment we are feeling a bit tired after the last days with Odd’s ear-infection so don’t have more energy to be creative and write more in this months blog. BUT we do hope you have time to enjoy our VLOG compilation of the thirteen month on the road:

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