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May we present to you our fourth crew member: Odd Ziggy Britzén

16th of January our second little miracle arrived and in a couple of days he will already be 1 month old. He has no clue at the moment, what adventures awaits him ;-)

Three years ago we made a five year plan including two kids, a van and a two year long life on the road adventure with lots of toys for our outdoor passion. Surfboards, boggieboards, flippers, wetsuits, snowboards, skis, snowshoes, winter gear, skateboards, bikes, kid toys, hiking gear and back packs in a van with four-wheel drive to truly enjoy the nature and what it has to give.

2016 came our first child Noa Marley who are the most wonderful little girl, giving us full on joy every day. Noa was step 1 in our five year plan. 2018 we bought our van preparing for our adventure. Step 2. 16th of January our baby boy Odd Ziggy arrived. Step 3 on our plan accomplished. Now four weeks later, we're so blessed that both he and mum Ida are feeling fine and life is at the moment terrific!

Later this year, in August to be precise, our two year road trip will commence. Step 4 and 5 on our plan begins. We will post monthly blogs during the spring/summer but it's not until August our blog really will kick off! Hope you all wanna follow our everyday adventures until then and we're looking forward to trying to inspire more families out there to simply get out there ;-) Happy Family in a Van - soon on the move!

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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