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Island Vibrations

For all us swedes growing up with Nile City and their Boom-shaka-lack reggae radio humor show, a visit to Island (Öland) is something we felt we just had to do. Considering we are having the best summer in years in Sweden at the moment, it was a perfect timing for some island vibes in a true "on a da island in a da sun style"!

We only have two weeks’ vacation together this summer, and since our Robeta van doesn’t arrive until middle of August, we decided to dust of our (big) camping tent and equipment one more last time. Chances are small we will use it when we start our full-time van life… Of course, there will always be a time and place for our smaller tent and light weight equipment when hiking, canoeing or camping up on a mountain. The whole idea with a full-time van life, is our strong inclination for outdoor movement.

Öland (Swedish for an island) is a classic Swedish camping destination during the summer months and packed with campers, motor homes, vans, tents and all kind of surfers! Which of course suits us and our passion for water sports. We chose Haga Park as starting ground and the first day we had a perfect mix of skateboarding and a bit stand up paddling (SUP) with the whole family aboard. We were all impressed by Noa's skateboard skills, so stoked that she is so stoked too about skateboarding! Check out our YouTube channel for a skate clip of her skateboarding half pipe at Öland (klick on the youtube icon on top of our page, to the right...)

Anyway, our first days just floated away in the Swedish wonderful summer weather, mixing days at the beach on the SUP, around the tent, skateboarding, road tripping and taking it chill in a true island vibe style. Only bummer is the bbq prohibition at the moment in the whole country so no bbq:ed vegan sauces during our vacation, but hey, at least we had tropical warm weather every day :-D

After a couple of days the wind picked up and we had some mini waves, making it perfect for Noa's wetsuit premiere and soft opening surf. The joy in her eyes, sitting on the SUP with mum and her dad pushing/steering the board into mini waves, was absolutely priceless! Stoked!

We continued our days in the same spirit, leaving Öland with a big smile on our faces. Next time we will go there, it will be in our van! Hope you all find our posts a bit inspiring and wanna continue follow us on our everyday life adventures and maybe our next blog post will include a fresh delivered van :-D

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