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In memory of our dog Kaya

In case you missed it, we lost both our dog and cat within a week in end of November this year. We knew that our cat Morrys was sick and were prepared for the worst but we didn't know that our dog Kaya was going to die in just three hours the 25th of November. It's so crazy empty after them both! :-(

Morrys was Ida's cat and Kaya was André's dog. We both had them since the where pups. This blog post is posted from the bottom of André's heart and wrote by him:

"When I met Ida back in 2012, I lived in Stavanger, Norway. Ida lived in Gothenburg with her two year old cat Morrys and I lived with my four year old dog Kaya. For all of you who know me, also know how much Kaya meant to me. Where ever I went, Kaya went. If I hiked the mountain, she was with me. When I went trail running, she was with me and she ran behind me when downhill MTBiking the hills of Norway. If I went snowboarding, she would sit with me in the ski lift and then run down through the off pist. When I went surfing, she sat on the beach waiting for me and I was also able to bring her with me at all my different work places. She was simply a dog who could tag along every where.

The first four year in Kaya's life, we also trained and competed a lot in many different disciplines, such as human search and tracking. That was her best and the most fun. All the time we put into hours of training, obviously also brought us very close and we had a terrific team work. And most of all: we had so much fun! :-)

In 2014 Kaya traveled round Europe with Ida and me for six months, that was also when we started to plan for our ongoing road trip that we're doing now. In 2015 I moved to Gothenburg with Kaya and in 2016 our first child Noa arrived. Kaya loved her whole family (eventhough André was the most important one) and in 2019 our little family was completed with our second child Odd.

As you know, we left Gothenburg in July 2019, starting our two year road trip and Kaya loved the camper vanlife, traveling down to Basque country and back again.

When we got to Åre in November we where just getting settled in and looking forward to spending the winter here. We didn't realize it was going to get such a rough start.

We will never know exactly what Kaya died of, the vet wasn't sure but maybe mice or rat poison. What we do know, is that it went fast, too fast. In only three hours we had to let Kaya go, after the vet did everything she could to try to save her. I really didn't see this coming and guess it's nothing one can prepare for.

Kaya, you will always be in my heart and I will forever love you. I miss you so much.

Yours forever,

Dog master André"

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