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Hiking, hiking and guess what? Yup, a bit more hiking.

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

The stunning nature around Åre is definitely best experienced with a pair of snowshoes under the feet (according to us of course)

Noa looks happy, doesn't she? Even though its been cold, she seems to have been excited on all our hikes. We have been snow shoe hiking almost every day now, unfortunately our old dog has problems keeping up now days, but she is doing her best.

Mixing snowboarding with snow shoes are a great way to experience and reaching untouched snow and that's what André have been focusing on lately....

“Sure, there's other ways to get around and up the mountain, e.g. splitboarding, but snowshoes are not as expensive and a great other option.”

We have had a couple of nice rides down at the backside of Åre Skutan but the weather have been truly classic Åre style: lots of winds, foggy, snowy, icey, rainy and of course cold! So finding really smooth powder is almost impossible this year so far. Hoping for a proper snow dump in the coming weeks....

To the right you can see André hiking all the way up to the backside of Åre skutan, a hike that take long when the top lifts are closed but totally worth it when snowboarding down in untouched windy power pockets. Be careful though, the avalanches are just around the corner.

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