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Week one - Gothenburg to Gotland

We did it, we're on the road! After 5 years of saving and preparing, we finally started Friday 19th of July, driving from Gothenburg crossing Sweden to the east. Didn’t wanna drive so long the first day, cause it had been super busy days cleaning out the apartment before we left. So first stop was Ulricehamn, with a perfect parking spot just next to a gigantic playground. Noa was pleased ;-)

Next day we drove towards Norrköping to meet up with Ida’s sister and family, who have a summer house by the sea. We stopped at Norsholm and Göta Kanal and stayed there one night before we finished our route and arrived at the east coast on Sunday.

The next three days we hanged out by the sea, Noa had busy days with her cousins, with trampoline sessions, boat rides and stand up paddle boarding.

We squeezed in one day at O-ringen in Finspång (an annual orienteering competition). André had catched a cold but Ida, Noa and her cousin Julia participated.

Ida showed up at start, with no planning what so ever, picked a short but hard course without studying any maps and managed to finish on 9th place out of hundreds of competitors! Noa and Julia did the kids obstacle course and had a blast :-)

After busy cousin days, we drove to Kålmården and Bamse Land (if you’re Swedish, you know what we’re talking about). This was what Noa had been waiting for, she was super stoked and the day flew by before we took a most needed dip in the ocean and drove to Nynäshamn to catch the ferry to Gotland.

This is one of the best things about our journey, just five days ago, we didn’t even know we would go to Gotland. Cause we’re away for so long, we can change our route while going, stopping longer or shorter on different places and move along with the good weather. We can’t even describe the luxury in that!

Right now we're camping at Lauter's Harbour, just next to the famous Rauk-area at Fårö. Decided to take a couple of days at just one spot, have been a lot of driving lately so feels good to relax and also for Noa to bring out all her toys and make a mess ;-)

We have been swimming, playing, stand up paddle boarding and just having fun summer times the last three days. Noa also showed off with her climbing skills at the Rauks, she is only 3 years old but climbs like a much older kid (in mum and dad's eyes at least ;-)

We'll stay here until tomorrow, when we'll go back to the main Gotland island for a couple of days before we'll take the ferry back to mainland Sweden again.

Then we’ll see where we’ll end up, we at least know we’re driving down south to visit Ida’s aunt Margit before we’ll head up north again towards Norway and Stavanger.

Next travel log post we'll be in a couple of weeks so don't forget to follow our Instagram or Facebook account, we try to update them on a daily basis :-)

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