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From Sweden to France

Pooh! Last three weeks did just flew away! We crossed Denmark, followed the north sea coast of Germany and pretty much scouted the whole coast line of Holland before we entered Belgium, went swiming and then crossed over to France tonight.

But first thing first, we are without our laptop at the moment, cause just before we were about to leave Sweden, a mail from Apple Inc dropped down in our mailbox: ”Your Mac Book is being called back for a battery change due to a manufactory fault”. So we have to leave the laptop behind and hope to get it back when grandma and granpa are visiting us later. We’re writing this blog post slowly using a iPhone so excuse us if it won’t contain lots and lots of text.

If you follow our Instagram, we post photos on a daily basis and then you’ll have a clue what we have been up to. For those of you without Instagram, above you can see some photos from our last three weeks.

In Denmark we crossed over to the west coast of Jylland, found lots of skateparks on the way and no problems finding spots for sleeping. But when we got to the coast it was much harder to free camp, making every night a mission impossible. At least we stumbled across some waves in Hvide Sande and met a German version of us: black camper van, 2 kids, mum and dad, surfboards and skibox on the roof. Super fun!

We drove down the coast pretty fast, bad weather and colder degrees made us to move south quicker then planned. Germany was the same, we had out eyes on Holland with a much more promising forecast. Still, our problems with finding good sleeping spots continued through Germany and got even worse in Holland.

If has been ridiculously hard to free camp along the coast, we have been forced to sleep at industrial areas and then drive to the beach during the day only. We choose to stay at a camping in Zandvoort a couple of days when the summer heat was at it’s best.

Other then that, Holland was perfect for Noa when it comes to small beginner waves, she has improved her surfing skills alot! Odd has also shown a big interest in sitting on the surdboard so his future looks promising.

After a mandatory visit to Amsterdam eating falafel, we headed for the Zeelands in south Holland where we first were chased away from one beach just to end up in Domburg where we met the sweatest couple who let us park and sleep at their driveway for the night! Good karma! Lots of thanks to them and for a enjoyable story telling night in their garden.

We moved through Belgium pretty fast, searching for water to fill up our watertank. After being tired of people at campings and service stations saying NO all the time, we bought 72 liters of water at Lidl for 12 euros so now we have the finest of water when we do the dishes ;-)

Before we crossed over to France today we spent the afternoon at a waterpark just at the border, Noa and Odd were thrilled for some fun water slides and heated indoor pools. Mun and dad were thrilled to take a warm shower and schampoo the whole family...

So now we’re sitting at a parking just after the french border, making a plan what to do the coming days. Follow the coast? Look for surf? Head for the mountains? Go over to England and Cornwall? Who knows, but we better check the weather first ;-)

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