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Fourth month VLOG

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Our compilation for the fourth month has taken longer to post than expected. Just when we started "phase 2" on our adventure and where about to edit our latest VLOG, both our pets died...

First our dog Kaya accidentally ate rat poison (or some kind of nerv toxic) and died just three hours later. Totally unexpected and out of our hands to control. We're still in chock cause it happened so fast. Kaya lived to be 11 years old. She died 5 PM the 25th of November 2019.

Just one week later, our cat Morrys, who had been sick for a while, had to be put to sleep. The vet found a fast growing tumour, which explained why no medicine (we have tried lots the last month) worked. Morrys live to be only 9 years old. He died 5 PM the 2nd of December 2019.

Cause of this terrible and tragic events, our winter season in Åre started in a way we didn't (and couldn't plan) for. That's why we are a bit after in our blog but we'll do our best to catch up. Dad probably wanna do a little video clip with Kaya too, cause she was his dog and the both of them were alone for four years before dad met mum.

Enough with this sentimental talk, hope you wanna enjoy our VLOG of month number four on our adventure! :-)

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