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Merry Christmas everyone, and of course, a happy new year! But life is not always happy. As you may know, we have had a turbulent autumn. We were so happy that our trip finally started in July as planed and everything went on smoothly until we arrived in Åre (where we are spending the winter) in late November. In one week we had lost both of our pets! :-(

First our dog ate rat/mouse poison by mistake and died in just three hours. She was André's dog and he had had her since her birth, 11 years ago, so obviously André was devastated.

Then our cat had to be put to sleep because he got sicker and sicker and the vet found fast growing tumours in his intestinal. He was Ida's cat since his birth, 9 years ago, so of course, she also was devastated.

We were/are all in chock, how our vinter season started. Not as planned. We can only hope that it will be better and for the sake our our two kids, we can't really let the turbulent start effect us too much. We still need to make fun things happen and enjoy our two year adventure as much as we can. This said, of course we mourn our two pets and it is terribly empty in our life without them.

This month's VLOG is a bit mix of both joy and sadness, especially in the end of the clip, when we're having Kayas "funeral" up on the mountain. Hope you have time to sit down and watch the compilation of our fifth month on our adventure:

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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