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Competition and lovely camping

We went down to three days of orienteering competition (Hallands 3-dagars) and had some terrific days camping and top places! This is Ida's area of expertise and she placed her self on second and fifth place, well done!

Ida running for second place

It was terrible cold during the nights and we we're dreaming about our future van with heat and isolation... But the days where absolutely wonderful with competition every day and long walks in the forests with the dogs (borrowed our friend's dog too).

Noa charmed the whole camping as usual, she is really a social child and we hope that we'll continue cause it's a great attribute.

André have only done a couple of comps in orienteering before and the two first days were mostly spent trying to figure

out how the map worked but the third day he changed class and map, running a comp for "pro-boys" 65+ and finally he could see what the large scaled map trying to tell him! Finished just a couple of places behind Ida, top 20 out of 400! Stoked! What a weekend!

Of course we competed in our "Running on Plants" shirts, we're proud to be No Meat Athletes!

We'll definitely be back next year, maybe in our new van? Who knows...

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