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Christmas came early this year

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Last weekend the time had come; our longed for van was ready for delivery. We took an early train down to Varberg to pick it up and go for a spin.

At least one of seems to be happy... ;-)

05.45 on a Saturday morning is early for the alarm to go off, especially in the darkest months of Swedish autumn. But last weekend it felt alright, considering our mission. Also, normally Noa wakes up like a sunshine every weekend morning but of course this weekend she didn’t.

Anyhow, first the bus down to Gothenburg’s central station, the train to Varberg and then bus out to Varberg’s Motorhomes to pick up the keys and there it was; our black beauty of van on the parking lot! (to be honest, it was a bit cold, rainy, grey and dark morning so the warm feeling kind of was gone but whatever)

Noa picking up the envelope with our new car keys

After a quick re-pack we drove down to Surfers (local surf shop) where we had an appointment with the owner Markus who are helping us out with a good deal on a stand up paddle board for the family, that will fit on the roof with all our other boards and gears. It was a good meeting and we’re stoked to see what Surfers comes up with!

The weather wasn’t the best during Saturday but we had a blast anyway and found some small left overs when Noa was sleeping. Ida was sitting in the van with Noa so no surf pictures this time, more than posing on the beach with a surfboard, you’ll just have to settle with that for now ;-)

At the moment the cold Swedish autumn/winter has arrive and therefore we're just doing daily road trips and sleeping at home at night. Ida is also pregnant in the eight month so we're not up for any longer rides right now. That said, we went home, slept and on Sunday we went for a road trip again, this time to the southern archipelago of Gothenburg. The weather was a lot colder but at least the sun was there.

After a short stop at our friend’s house for a most wanted warm coffee, we had cold pizza lunch with a terrific view before we cruised the winding roads along the coast with a beautiful clear blue sky, enjoying every second of it. We finished off the day in the most absolutely perfect way, namely with a magical sunset, check the last picture!

It feels so good to finally have our van after months of waiting, even though it’s only for a short period of time cause we’ll park it at Varberg’s Motorhomes over the coldest of winter months, focusing on our second child arriving in January of all goes well :-) But that’s a different story that we will get back to you about!

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