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Buying a SUP for the road trip

Of course we need a SUP for the family! It's the perfect way for the kids to learn how to surf. It's fun, it's stable, the dog can tag along, yeah, its' user areas sure are multiple. Also, going for a inflatable one we can use it in the ocean, in the rivers, on the lakes, paddling flat water, in small waves with both kids on top and the most important thing; it's so much easier to throw up on the roof then a hard SUP ;-)

Surfers, Sweden's biggest surf store, were kind enough to help us out with a really good deal on a family SUP, thanks for that! Thumbs up! We made a short video log of yesterday's road trip down to Varberg (in our car, the van is still at winter storage, we'll bring it out later this week :-D) buying the the SUP.

It's in Swedish though, so enjoy all Swedish speaking fans. For the rest of you, we'll try in the future to post English clips as well. We're still just getting started and are under the planing stage, so we're keeping kind of a low profile until we really kick off with our gigantic road trip later this year!

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