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Skateboarding is fun! Our 5 best tips and reasons for riding with your kids.

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

It is truly soooo much fun that Noa enjoys skateboarding! Last weeks we have been riding as much as possible and it feels like she's getting the hang of it better and better. It's only a matter of time until she'll manage to push, stand up and ride with out holding her daddy's hands...

We wouldn't say that we are a full on skateboard family but daddy André started riding at the age of six and during his teenage years, he basically skateboarded every day. When started surfing in his early twenties and surfing took up all his time for 10 years, he took a break from skateboarding but now at his thirties, he's trying to do a come back!

Mummy Ida started skateboarding when she met André in her late twenties and got the hang of it pretty quickly! Noa started VERY young, riding between her daddy's feet at 5-6 months old and had her first skateboard injury before her 1st birthday (everything went well though, puuuuh).

At the moment we're focusing on having fun and practicing the balance, which definitely is sufficient for a 2-year old. Here are our best tips and reasons for skateboarding with your kid:

1. Balance practice! Let you kid just start with crawling up on the board, indoors on a soft carpet. Under supervision of course... Skateboarding is perfect for develop your kid's balance.

2. Helmet! Don't forget the helmet! We were a bit lazy and ignored the helmet cause it simply was to big for her 5 months old head (not an excuse of course!) and it all ended with a bump to her forehead and a visit to the emergency.

3. Help out! You don't need to be a skateboarder yourself in order to teach your kid how to skateboard. Just walk beside and hold your kid's hands.

4. Choose you days. Don't go out and skateboard when the weather is bad. If it's raining, it's simply to slippery to ride and the risk of injury higher. But while you kid gets older, he/she probably will find it super fun to skate when it's wet and then it's a different story.

5. Have fun! In the word's of the old snowboard legend Ingemar Backman; "The most important thing is to have fun". If you kid wanna sit down while riding, let her/him. If you kid just thinks it's fun for 2 minutes, no worries. Skateboarding should never be about prestige, it's always about having fun and one of few sports in the world where you can be a pro without ever competing.

Hope you'll find some inspiration from reading this and let's hope for more tiny skateboarders out there! We'll finish of with two slideshows from last years riding:

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