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Varberg's Motor Homes have been absolutely accommodating from the beginning, trying their hardest and best to meet our demands. Located just next to Europe Road 6, passing by Varberg north, they are a perfect detour on your next travel route. We totally recommend you to drive by and say hi, enjoy their well tasting coffee and have a look at their great selections on camper vans.


According to their website, they sell and convey Sweden's most affordable motor home, but we would like to add that they also are Sweden's most service minded motor home vendor we encountered!  

Happy Family in a Van are proud ambassadors for Robeta Helios Arctic, sold by Varbergs Husbilar. 

Robeta Campervan

When we first found a used Robeta Camper Van at the German market, we thought: "Hey, what's this? This looks really interesting!" We dropped them an email and next thing we know, we're sitting in a meeting at their Swedish agency Varbergs Husbilar, discussing their launch of a new model designed for Scandinavia. Stoked! After looking at so many different camper vans, Robeta Mobil were among the best we had seen. Mixing high quality material and functions, with optimized space and storage room, we felt that we could actually live as a family in the van without stepping on each others toes. Also, they come with a 4x4 choice, which we reckon should be standard on all camper vans. Robeta Camper Vans are hand build in Slovenia, don't miss out, go on and have a look at their webpage.

Happy Family in a Van are proud ambassadors for their launch of the new Helios Arctic Edition.


We were searching around for a new set up All Terrain tires when we found Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus, which seamed to be the perfect match for our road trip. A quick email later to Nokian Sweden, we were super stoked with their answer: They were game and keen on helping us out with booth summer and winter tires! Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer and one of the most sustainable companies in the industry. They offer peace of mind in all conditions by developing high-quality, safe and eco-friendly tires for passenger cars, trucks and heavy machinery. They are especially well known for their innovative winter tires. Nokian group also includes the Vianor chain, specializing in vehicle maintenance and tire services. In 2018, the company’s turnover was approximately EUR 1.6 billion and it employed some 4,800 people. Nokian Tyres is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. For further information, klick on their logo on top.

For more information about the two different tire set ups they are helping us out with, klick here for our All Season (Central European) and All Terrain tire. Klick here for their new winter tire we will use next winter when spending five months up north. 

Happy Family in a Van are stoked users of booth Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus and Hakkapeliitta LT3.


After hooking up with Nokian we were also in need of good new rims to go with our new tires. Before we even knew the word of it, Special Wheels stepped in and sponsored us with Image Strong's alloy rims. 


Special Wheels is an importer and nationwide wholesaler of alloy rims, light metal and steel wheels. Their customers are largely within the tire trade and tire chains, but they also supply car dealers, tire importers, haulage contractors and others. Special Wheels is the Nordic region's largest independent rim company and sells about 400,000 wheels a year. The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Special Wheels also works continuously on improvements regarding social responsibility; Corporate Social Responsibility - "CSR", and follows the structure of ISO 26000 regarding the seven basic principles and issues that are stipulated there. Brands they work with are: Nitro Wheels, OZ Racing, MSW, Breyton, ATS Wheels, Ballistic Off Road, Image Wheels, TSW, Black Rhino, Beyern Wheels, Mandrus Wheels, Victor Equipment, Redbourne Wheels, Speedline Truck and Accuride.

Happy Family in a Van are proud users of their Image Strong Matt Gun rims.

Tretorn Eco Essentials

Born out of Scandinavian weather, Tretorn has made a mark on many places on earth. Over the past 125 years, they have found new ways to develop new but sustainable products with a love of nature. The Swedish iconic company will help us out and provide the family with highly functional rain clothes focusing on reused waste material with their Eco Essential Initiative. At the moment we're using their Rain Jacket from the Sea, which is a jacket made of old fishing nets, so-called "ghost nets". In their Journal, you will find out more about their sustainable innovation, their mission and day-to-day work.

Happy Family in a Van are super stoked users of their Eco Essentials concept.

View120 will deliver high quality footage material from the air when we're around close to their company and take off zone. The owner and operator just finished one of the first vocational educations in Sweden for flying and operating drones and is just getting started with his company. View120 performs a number of assignments with drones for individuals and companies, e.g. photographing, video, Inspection work, 3D mapping and 360 VR.

Happy Family in a Van are looking forward to our future cooperation with view120.


Surfers or surfers paradise, is the biggest windsurf, kite, SUP and surf shop in Scandinavia. They also hosts competitions, events, surf schools and surf centers round Sweden. They were our first choice when looking for a SUP for the family to bring with us on our journey. Surfers helped us out with an inflatable and suitable family SUP for a reasonable price. 

Happy Family in a Van are stoked to play around on a SUP provided by Surfers.

When working within the print industry before, Kelo have always been the first choice when it comes to signboards or car striping. Of course it was an obvious choice to contact them when we needed a new foil for our van with sponsor logos and of course they were super cool and helped us out, becoming our last sponsor to the project. 

Kelo is a full service company in the sign industry, which, with its own production combined with skilled subcontractors, forms a strong force with broad knowledge. 

Happy Family in a Van are super satisfied with the matte black foil on our metallic black van.


We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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