HELLO, NICE OF YOU TO DROP BY. Meet Happy Family in a Van; mum, dad, daughter, son and pets. In July 2019 we left our apartment in Gothenburg behind and moved in to our 4WD camper van. The mission? Traveling round Europe for 2 years, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, skiing, hiking, running and anything we can think of. During the upcoming winter, we will (temporary) move into an apartment in Åre Ski resort, Sweden, before we move south again in April 2020.

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WE DO NOT AIM TO BE THE BEST OR TOUGHEST. Our passion is all about enjoying the nature, the mountains and the ocean in every thinkable way. Our mission is never about climbing the highest mountain, snowboard the steepest slope, surfing the biggest wave or running the longest trail (if we don't want to of course). It’s simply about challenges that is enjoyable for those who perform them, making the most out of an active small kids family life and hoping to pass on our love for nature to our kids. It would also be super cool if our project and lifestyle maybe can inspire more people to pursue their passions.

IDA BRITZÉN, 35 years old, social worker with a passion for culture, running, maps, forests and mountains. Growing up in an inveterate orienteering family, camping and outdoor life became a natural feature in Ida’s life. She has always loved physical movement in its many different forms and competed at elite level in orienteering. Ida has completed various ”Swedish classics” such as Vasaloppet and Lidingöloppet but also finished top five in tougher challenges like Ten Island Swimrun. Her interest for skiing, randonee, bodysurfing and skateboarding has grown bigger in recent years and naturally complete her strong passion for nature and outdoor life.

ANDRÉ BRITZÉN, 37 years old, graphic designer who prefers sliding through life sideways. Started skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding early in life, André is a true board enthusiast with ocean and mountains as his biggest passion. Graduated in Sports Management (Surfing Studies) at Southern Cross University in Australia, is a level one surf instructor and has paddled across Sweden in a kayak. In recent years, the interest for running, hiking and randonee has grown bigger and as a result, also the list of completed challenges such as Vasaloppet, various swimruns and OCR races. The last one with several podium places.

NOA BRITZÉN, our 3 year old girl who sparkles with joy and loves speed! Despite her young age, she already done a winter season skiing and snowboarding in the mountains and cruised the Caribbean. Noa’s biggest passion at the moment is her mom and dad, cousins and family and of course running, jumping, climbing (everywhere!) surfing, skate- and snowboarding. 

ODD BRITZÉN, born in January 2019 and will be about 6 months old when we leave. He is our latest crew member and complete Happy Family in a Van. Odd brings so much joy into our lives, loves his bigger sister Noa and seems to enjoy standing on both skateboards and surfboards. Future looks promising. 

KAYA & MORRYS, 10 and 8 years old. Our dog and cat that we try as often as possible to bring on our trips. These two old timers always brings joy in to our lives and we're crossing our fingers they will stay with us at least a couple of more years. 

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We are on a two year road trip in our camper van. Filling our days with lots of adventures.

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